Agreement Between Hotel And Agent

However, it is a question of what hoteliers should do to ensure that the overall negotiations lead to the desired result. Let`s focus on this topic by presenting important tips and smart tips that hoteliers should take into account when negotiating: the sooner the hotel provides the necessary information, the more the tour operator will put the property in its systems and disseminate the information more effectively. The information provided should be updated, including information about general improvements to the hotel product, descriptions of changes that have occurred during the past period, as well as anything that has been re-updated or updated that the hotel now offers to its guests. In the past, we have seen some "aggressive" terms from tour operators, such as the well-known problem with drachmas. It would not be unreasonable for hoteliers to ask for a guarantee for their money. At the same time, they manage to strengthen the position of hoteliers against several demands from the other party. The Parties undertake not to transfer or sell any part of this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Party applying such measures. At the request of the company, the travel agency must provide proof of insurance for each month during the term of the travel agency contract. The travel agent undertakes to take out and maintain appropriate insurance with [Company.Name] as "other insured persons" during the term of this Agreement.

One of the most important parts of a tourist season is the right timing – for example, in mid-summer for major summer destinations – when tour operators start booking hotel rooms for the upcoming season. The reason for this is quite simple, and it is in the planning of airplane seats for travelers. These seats must be covered by contracts with hotels. It is a fact that the structure of tourism has changed and will change again in the coming years. Tour operators have always been and will always be very important players on the way to hotels and resorts, but the trend is now downward and many partnerships carry risks, even from organizations that seem stable and reliable. The solution is one-sided for all and involves more distribution of work, more focus on the online part, which has posed the most problems for tour operators, with an emphasis on marketing (online & offline) and conceptual design for each hotel. . . .

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