Agreement Ticket

Your name, contact details and purchase information will be made available to the organizer of the event or transport service for which you have purchased tickets. Share-There does not tolerate the illegal resale of tickets. Any illegal attempt to resell tickets purchased through Share-There leads Share-There to terminate such tickets without compensation and to exclude the user or customer indefinitely from the use of Share There services. If an event or transport service is postponed to a later date, it is the responsibility of the organiser or transport company to update the offer and inform Share-There. In this case, the organizer/carrier is obliged to accept obsolete tickets for entry to the event or transport service. The following fees and charges are automatically added to each customer`s ticket and/or order: Event organisers and transport service providers receive the proceeds from ticket sales directly to their own PayPal account. Share-There is not responsible for the content posted or displayed by our users, organizers, carriers, customers or yourself on any page of the Share There site. This information does not represent the views or opinions of our company. Share-There cannot be held responsible for agreements, contracts, broken promises or any communication between you and a third party. Share-There is not responsible for illegal or illegal material – including defamatory or copyrighted material – that is posted by a user, customer, customer or buyer on an event page in our system. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, either Party may at any time terminate this Agreement within seven (7) calendar days to the other Party.

If you terminate this Agreement after you have provided us with your event or transportation services, your sale of event or transportation tickets will be cancelled in accordance with this Agreement. We provide the ticketing software used to manage ticket sales and tickets for the events and ferry services listed on this website.. . .

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