Are Pooling And Servicing Agreements Public Record

Is it possible to determine whether this loan pool was covered by a credit default insurance product and therefore the investor has already been compensated for his loss? Just look at your article on how to find pooling and maintenance agreements. I have problems. Here`s the reason: Ex and I bought a house from Pioneer Mortgage in 1992. In 1994, we resumed with Pioneer Mortgage. At one point, on the date of the refurbishment, the loan was granted to Hibernia, although Pioneer claimed that it still retained ownership of the note and mortgage. When it all started, I thought Hibernia had bought Pioneer. In reality, Hibernia bought the Pioneer bank. I don`t know anything about mortgages, but we started getting our testimonials from Hibernia. When we divorced in 1998, I took over the payments – the mortgage still in our name. In December 2001, I refinanced (or at least I thought) with UC Lending (you filled in the November 2001 date), but my payment check I received at the time said December 2001. Even Jan could have said it in 2002 - I have to go back and see. UC Lending became Aegis Mortgage and, as I recall, UC Lending assigned or transferred the service rights to Aegis Mortgage.

Although they show me that I signed the mortgage with Aegis Mortgage DBA UC Lending. When I went bankrupt in 2003 - 2008 (and I was royally duped by a number of corrupt lawyers), there was an Adaquate protection order and a fine order. Originally, I wanted to sell my house and get out of all this mess, but I decided I could raise the money I owed and I wanted to try to keep my house for my kids. .

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