Collective Bargaining Agreement Lawphil

For employers with unionized staff, the current collective agreement may already give the employer the right of management to unilaterally develop and implement a vaccination program. If the employer does not have the negotiated right to do so, it will likely have to negotiate with the union its wish to do so, as vaccination programs are a mandatory subject of negotiation under the National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA"). Even if the employer has already negotiated the management fee to implement a vaccination program, it may wish to consult with the union to promote workers` goodwill and acceptance. Employers should also keep in mind that the concerted activities of workers (unionized or not) to protest against a vaccination program (or the absence of a vaccination program) may be considered a protected activity by the NRA and that they engage in unfair labor practices when the employer disciplines employees in protest. one. Disputes - concern violations resulting from rights established by collective agreements, laws, rules, regulations and usual practices. b. Conflicts of interest - are often referred to as negotiation deadlock issues, which can also be subject to voluntary arbitration proceedings after the parties agree. (c) a statement that the collective agreement has been ratified by a majority of the workers in the bargaining unit of the employer concerned. b.

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