Exclusive Distribution Agreement In Italiano

The agency contract can be either for a fixed term or for an indeterminate period. Under Italian law, an agency agreement, established for a fixed period, which will also be concluded by the parties after the expiry of the deadline, is transformed into an agency contract for an indeterminate period. Under a valid contract, the agent is entitled to compensation at the time of termination of the contract. First, the amount of compensation must be set in the agency agreement and it depends on its duration, its nature and the amount of the termination award. The rules set out in national collective agreements must also be taken into account. Marc Oczachowski, President and CEO of EDAP, said: "We are very pleased to be working with AB Medica, a recognized leader in Italy for the distribution of advanced medical technologies. This is clearly a step forward for EDAP in its HIFU adoption and marketing programme in Europe, with Italy being the fourth largest market for medical devices. In particular, AB Medica Medica has already distributed ExactVu, which has allowed them to be familiar with our product line and integrate Focal One very quickly. AB Medica also has extensive experience in distributing robotic prostate surgery solutions, so they are the perfect fit for us.

We look forward to a very successful partnership. In short, a distribution agreement is a tool you can use to facilitate your corporate partnerships! Direct marketing of these products or services is required to bring original and specific products from the manufacturer or supplier to the end customer. Most producing companies do not have the access or market presence to market on their own to market products and services. Instead, they work with competent distributors who are establishing themselves in the target market. To facilitate this cooperation, you need the help of reliable distribution agreements. Agency contracts should not be entered into in writing, which is why an oral contract would be valid. However, Italian law provides that proof of an agency agreement can only be made in writing (in writing "ad probationem", see art. 1742 of the Italian Civil Code).

Therefore, to demonstrate the existence of an agency contract, there must be a written document indicating the existence and essential content of an agency agreement, since the witness cannot be used. To find you the best distribution choice, it is important that you understand the differences between an exclusive sales contract and a non-exclusive sales contract. There are some pros and cons for each type of contract that you can read before you sign. There is no specific requirement for a distribution agreement. It is valid and enforceable, even if it is not written. However, a written contract is advised. As far as the contract agreement is concerned, it is your responsibility to analyze the various challenges. You should also consider specific considerations that may arise in international licensing and distribution agreements. Some of them are: to terminate an indeterminate agency contract, Italian law requires that the terminating party notice one month during the first year, during the second year, three months during the third, four months during the fourth, five months during the fifth and six months of the sixth year and, subsequently, notice.

A typical distribution contract is the agreement between the services responsible for the delivery of goods and the agencies responsible for the distribution of goods.

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