Haringey Planning Performance Agreement

Our planning policies will help you find development opportunities and develop successful plans that fit Hackney`s vision. If you are a resident and want to expand your home, you can request an appointment by sending an email planning.support@enfield.gov.uk with the subject "Request for an appointment". We need to know the full address of the site with postcode and a brief explanation of what you propose to do. Not all developments require a building permit. You can use the planning portal to find out if you need to apply. If you are a developer, it guides you through the process of applying for building permits for developments and new buildings. To ensure that programs are of the highest quality and provide the best planning results for Hackney, we can work with developers and candidates, from project creation to planning decision-making and all related conditions. It is a free service that provides owners with informal advice for simple planning requests, either by phone or in person at a 20-minute appointment. If this information does not provide you with adequate advice for your specific project, you may find it useful to use our pre-application consulting service, which can help homeowners modify their homes, or developers of apartments and developers for commercial/employment sites. We can provide you with an appointment within 10 business days of requesting a meeting. After your meeting with our leaders, our service advises you in writing for meetings within 20 business days (increased by 10 for planning advice due to the current workload). To learn more about our service or to book an appointment, please see the information below.

Check if you need a building permit and advice on green houses. You can seek advice from the planning team before submitting a formal application. The board is policy-based, and we will not be able to tell you whether your proposal will be successful or not. Perhaps we can give you some advice on how to make your proposal more acceptable. You must also indicate a pre-application fee. Information on the fees charged for our pre-application planning advice can be found in our current pricing plan (PDF). You can submit your application online or send it by mail. If you plan to build new homes or turn your property into apartments, our consulting service will help you before applying.

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