Natural Air Purifier Gel Three Pack

A Natural Air Freshener That Neutralises Airborne Microbes & Odours To Improve Indoor Air Quality In The Home, Office, Car. 3 X 75gm pack.

$19.95 Inc GST

  • ✅REPLACE YOUR AIR FRESHENER – Traditional air fresheners are designed to hide the problem, not fix it! Don’t risk your families health with chemical filled products. Instead Outback Blue Natural Air Purifying Gel will allow your family and pets to breathe safe clean air.
  • ✅WHAT’S IN IT? Outback Blue Natural Air Purifier Gel is made from pure natural Australian derived plant based essential oils. This proprietary blend of oils is placed in a water based gel that easily activates with airflow and evaporates to improve indoor air quality.
  • ✅100% NATURAL AIR FRESHENER that is kind on the nose, with no strong chemical or perfume smell. It’s an easy and effective way to neutralise unwanted microbes in the air or deodorise offending smells without masking them!
  • ✅CONVENIENT & PORTABLE with no power required to maintain a fresh, healthy, odorless indoor air environment. Move from room to room, from house to car.
  • ✅KID & PET FRIENDLY eco purifier gel with a soft tea tree and eucalyptus scent that fades after opening and continues working odourless to clean and sanitise indoor air. One canister lasts 4-6 weeks. Use 1 – 2 canisters for every 100-200 square metres.

Note: Ships within Australia only