Salon Franchise Agreement Pdf

this franchise agreement and the restrictive provisions of the articles and statutes of this company. (d) All service menus used in the authorized premises are exclusively in the form, size, colour and content indicated by the franchisee. In this context, the franchisee agrees that the franchisee has the right to modify, modify, modify, modify from time to time the shape, size, color and content of these menus and, in this case, the franchisee must consult the modifications within three (3) days of written notification. The franchisee also agrees that, for the purpose of promoting and promoting the brand and the goodwill and activity of the franchisee, the franchisee has the right to demand from the franchisee, to promote the sites and addresses of other franchisees, as well as the beauty needs, specialties and novelties that may be used or sold by the franchisee or by other franchisees. (c) where the Franchisee is in arrears in the payment of franchised service charges or advertising charges that are due under this Agreement, or where the Franchisee fails to provide an income statement or other financial statements or gross revenue data or reports under this Agreement, or where the Franchisee provides false information in this regard. (a) The beneficiary of the pension must fully fulfil all the obligations incumbent on the franchisor or other obligations arising from the operation of the franchise lounges. 7.17 Confidentiality. During and after the term of this Agreement, the Franchisee shall not disclose any trade secrets, confidential or proprietary aspects of the GREAT CLIPS system, with the exception of GREAT CLIPS® the Franchisee`s staff or for any other purpose other than the operation of the Show, including the content of the Orientation and Training Manual for Franchisees, the operations manual, training videos and other materials or communications, the Great Clips training program, the GREAT CLIPS website® and other online communications, marketing calendars, marketing plans or other information or know-how characteristic of a GREAT CLIPS show®. The franchisee is also responsible for respecting the same level of confidentiality by the franchisee`s staff. If the franchisee or the franchisee`s staff becomes aware of any unauthorized use of trade secrets or confidential or proprietary materials, the franchisee must immediately notify Great Clips. Great Clips is not required to take any action, but will respond to information it deems appropriate.

If, at any time, the franchisee or an employee of the franchisee directs, owns, advises, employs or otherwise assists a business similar or competitive to the franchisee, it is up to the franchisee to prove that the franchisee is not violating this agreement. . . .

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