Ubmta Master Agreement

Often, the person who provides the material has exaggerated ideas about the possession of the research results obtained with the material. Sometimes even publication is prohibited. Be very careful, especially for materials that have been obtained under an MTA by a company, so as not to let an agreement block your subsequent searches. An in-depth MTA protects a researcher`s ability to exploit and publish research, existing and potential intellectual property, and define the use of associated confidential information. The revision of a thorough MTA ensures that the terms of the contract are not in contradiction with the rights granted in other research agreements. The transfer of research materials and tools is an essential part of scientific research. When a paper is published, the scientist must make the material available to other researchers so that others can repeat the experiment and verify the results. A material transfer contract (MTA) is the legal contract setting out the terms of the exchange of materials. When exchanging research materials with other institutions, it is important to understand the context in which these research materials are shared. If our university`s research material is shared with another organization that uses these materials for a research project of its own conception, where our university is neither intellectual nor practical, this transfer would most likely be as an outgoing MTA.

The term "cooperation" can mean different things to different people. From the office of Sponsored Programs perspective, collaboration occurs when we share our research materials with another entity and work together on a jointly developed project. The agreement chosen for the transfer of research materials is chosen on the basis of cooperation with the recipient institution and a large number of other factors. Unitectra either creates an MTA for you or reviews a contract that must be signed by the recipient of the material. We also provide an example of MTA for the transfer of materials to other academic groups. This sampling agreement is suitable for biological materials.

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