Northstar Kinship Assistance Benefit Agreement

(3) an Indian child placed in Minnesota who fulfills eligibility under Title IV-E as defined in section 473(d) of the Social Security Act. The agency or institution that assumes responsibility for the child is responsible for the non-federal portion of the Northstar Kinship Assistance Payment. Subsection. 12. Start of the Northstar Kinship Support component of Northstar Care for Children. As of November 27, 2014, a child who meets the eligibility criteria for Northstar Kinship Assistance in Subdivision 1 may have a Northstar Kinship Support Agreement negotiated on behalf of the child in accordance with section 256N.25. The effective date of the agreement must be January 1, 2015 or the date of the court order conferring permanent legal and physical custody, whichever is later. Except as provided in subparagraph (c) of subsection 1 of section 256N.26, the tariff plan for an agreement under this subdivision shall be determined in accordance with section 256N.26 on the basis of the age of the child on the date on which the prospective custodian signed the agreement. (b) An application for renewal of the Northstar Kinship Assistance Agreement must be completed in writing and, including all supporting documentation, submitted to the Commissioner by the relevant administrator at least 60 calendar days before the end date of the current contract. Subsection. 10. Modifications of the house and the vehicle. (a) Except for a child who has been assigned level A in accordance with section 256N.24, paragraph 1, (1), a child who is entitled to an adoption assistance agreement may receive a refund for modifications to the home and vehicle necessary to meet the special needs of the child on which the right to adoption assistance was based and which were included in the negotiation of the agreement under section 256N.25. Became.

Subsection 2.  Reimbursement of home and vehicle modifications will not be possible for a child assessed at Level A under Subsection 1 unless the potential disability occurs and the agreement is renegotiated to include the reimbursement. (b) During the term of the agreement, the caregiver agrees to inform the organization that administers the program in writing within the following 30 days: Subd. 19. Beneficiary.  For cases of adoption assistance and Northstar kinship assistance, payment can only be made to the adoptive parent or related guardian specified in the agreement.  If there is more than one adoptive or custodial parent of a parent, both parties will be registered as beneficiaries, unless otherwise specified in writing in accordance with the guidelines established by the Commissioner.  In the event of divorce or separation of caregivers, a change of beneficiary must be made in writing in accordance with the guidelines established by the Commissioner.

 If both supervisors agree to the amendment, this may be done in accordance with a procedure described by the Commissioner.  If there is no agreement on the change, a court order is required specifying the party who will receive the payment before a change can be processed.  If the change of beneficiary is contested, the Commissioner may withhold payment until an agreement has been reached.  A caregiver who does not have custody may request written notice of review, modification or termination of the Northstar Adoption Assistance or Kinship Agreement.  In the event of the death of a beneficiary, a change of beneficiary may be made in writing in accordance with sections 256N.22 and 256N.23 in accordance with the guidelines established by the Commissioner. Subsection. 11. Extension of Northstar Kinship Assistance after the age of 18. (a) In the circumstances referred to in subparagraph (e), a child may be entitled to an extension of the Northstar Kinship Assistance Agreement beyond the date on which the child reaches the age of 18 until the child reaches the age of 21.

(e) Northstar Kinship Assistance`s temporary assignment may be authorized for a maximum of six consecutive months from the death or incapacity of the guardian or relative guardianship referred to in paragraph (a) and must comply with the policies, procedures, requirements and time limits set out in section 256N.28, subsection 2, as prescribed by the Commissioner. If a court has not appointed a permanent legal guardian or guardian within six months, Northstar kinship assistance must end and cannot be resumed. Subsection. 7. Determination of Northstar Kinship Support. The financially responsible organization prepares Northstar kinship support for review and final approval by the Commissioner. The determination of eligibility must be completed in accordance with the requirements and procedures and on the forms required by the Commissioner. Supporting documents to determine eligibility must be made available to the Commissioner. The financially responsible agency and the Commissioner must make every effort to establish a child`s eligibility for kinship support under Title IV-E Northstar. A child who is deemed eligible for Northstar kinship support must have a Northstar Kinship Assistance Agreement negotiated on behalf of the child in accordance with section 256N.25. A potential parent guardian is prohibited from receiving Northstar kinship support on behalf of an otherwise eligible child.

Subsection. 4. Background studies. (a) a background study is carried out for each potential parent custodian and any other adult residing in the home of the potential related custodian; The background study must meet the requirements of the United States Code, Title 42, Section 671(a)(20). A study conducted in accordance with section 245C.33 meets this requirement. A baseline study of the guardian or potential adult parent previously conducted pursuant to Section 245C for the purposes of the Chapter 245A Child Care Permit or the approval of a Minnesota tribe must be used for the purposes of this Section, provided that the baseline study meets the requirements of that subdivision and that the potential parent custodian at the time of Northstar`s application is a licensed foster parent kinship. (6) have a written and enforceable agreement under section 256N.25 between the caregiver(s), the financially responsible agency and the Commissioner, established prior to the transfer of permanent legal and physical custody. Your child`s benefits contract ends on the child`s 18th birthday, unless it has been amended.

Ministry of Social Services staff will send an extension package four months before the date of termination of the agreement. d) Another payment from Northstar Kinship Assistance may be made in the event of the death or incapacity of the relative guardian if no successor has been named in the performance agreement, if the agent gives his or her written consent to a person who is a guardian or guardian appointed by a court for the child after the death of the two relative guardians in the event of a transfer of custody to two persons. or the sole relative guardian where custody is vested in a person, unless the child is entrusted to a county, tribe or child placement agency. (b) The legally competent authority shall document the findings of paragraph (a) and the eligibility requirements of this Section that are consistent with the United States Code, Title 42, Sections 673(d) and 675(1)(F). These findings must be documented in a kinship mediation agreement, which must be in the format prescribed by the Commissioner and signed by the potential parent custodian and the legally responsible authority. In the case of a Minnesota strain, the conditions and eligibility criteria of this Division may be provided in another format approved by the Commissioner. Information supporting the completion of each provision must be documented in the file of the legally responsible organization and available for review, at the request of the financially responsible organization and the Commissioner during the eligibility process for Northstar kinship support. Subsection. 13.

Treatment of survivors` disability insurance, veterans` benefits, rail pension benefits and black lung benefits. (a) If a child in foster care receives disability insurance for retired survivors, veterans` benefits, railway pension benefits or black lung benefits at the time of placement in foster care or after being placed in foster care, the financially responsible agency may apply to be the beneficiary of the child for the duration of the child`s placement in foster care.  If a child is expected to be eligible for disability insurance for retired survivors, veterans` benefits, railway pension benefits or black lung benefits upon completion of adoption or permanent legal and physical custody, the permanent caregiver will apply to be the recipient of these benefits on behalf of the child. .

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