Polycarbonate Plastic Heavy Duty Rain Gauges

outback blue rain gauge

Worried your plants or crops aren't getting enough water?

Plants and crops need water — simple as that! While irrigation systems provide them with most of the water they need, good old-fashioned rainwater is still a great source of nourishment. However, too much rainwater can be a problem, which is why you should invest in the Australian-made Outback Blue Rain Gauge or Outdoor Home Rain Gauge from LouRoss Technology.

Whether you're a gardener, yard worker, or farmer, it provides accurate and reliable rainfall measurements. The gauge is easy to install and is made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

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easy to use

LouRoss Technology designed both the Outdoor Home Rain Gauge and Outback Blue rain gauge to be used manually without any complicated calibration or electronic setup. All you have to do is attach the gauge to a deck or fence post using the included mounting bracket and screws.

Once installed, you simply check the rain collected against the scale on the outside of the gauge, record the results, and then empty the device.

“Our user-friendly rain gauges are easy to install and effortlessly records rainfall,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “The offer the convenience and functionality required for precise rain measurement without sacrificing style.”

Made For Everyone

Though the primary scale on the gauge is in inches, a secondary scale, in millimeters, is also included, meaning the device can be used by virtually anyone in the world.

Because it is made with durable polycarbonate plastic, it won’t fade or cloud over time, so you are able to get accurate readings for years to come.

Gardeners, yard workers, farmers, and meteorologists will benefit the most from using the gauge, as it helps with tasks such as optimizing water schedules for plants and deciding when to irrigate crops. However, the rain gauge is also a great way to get kids interested in topics like climate and agriculture.

Great For You, Your Plants, The Planet

As mentioned, the Outback Blue and Outdoor Home Rain Gauges, first and foremost, helps you ensure that your plants and crops are getting the water they need to flourish. In turn, it also helps you reduce your water consumption, which is of great benefit to the planet as a whole. You might even be able to use your measurements as a way of predicting weather patterns, which can come in handy if you need to move your plants indoors to protect them.

“The Outdoor Home Rain Gauge I purchased from LouRoss Technology has really helped me to maintain my garden,” said a satisfied customer. “It's incredibly accurate and easy to read, making it a breeze to track rainfall, and its durable design has held up perfectly through various rain and windstorms. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple but reliable rain gauge.”

How To Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing the Outdoor Home Rain Gauge, you can do so by visiting LouRoss Technology’s Amazon store at the website below. The gauge is currently available for USD 28.95.

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