State Price Agreement New Mexico

Achieve "best value" in procurement by adhering to the New Mexico Procurement Code, providing training, reaching out to suppliers, working with all law enforcement agencies, enriching the Chief Procurement Officer program, ensuring a fair and open procurement process, and continually maximizing benefits to the state. The following agencies are authorized to purchase under this Agreement: This Pricing Agreement is intended for all authorities, commissions, institutions, political subdivisions, and local public entities in the State of New Mexico authorized by law. The Purchase Details pages contain information about status orders (POs). OOP is the final financial document that is created when the state purchases goods or services. POs may refer to contracts concluded by the State with suppliers of goods or services, as well as contracts concluded for professional services, materials and price agreements. The information provided can be viewed by agency, expense category or supplier. The actual order provides you with the source of the transactions, para. B example a contract or a price agreement. When the order is generated, a department or agency may have debited (obligated) the amounts to be paid to a seller for the goods or services.

If this is the case, the order will provide information about the amount invoiced, the amount of the current transaction and the amount available for future transactions with the seller. The State has chosen to notify producer organisations because they are the most accurate source for obtaining information on transactions, in particular contracts, between the State and a seller. Order – A document approved by the Ministry of Finance and Administration and issued by the State to a seller that specifies the type, quantity and agreed price of the goods or services that the Seller makes available to the State. When the state sends an order to a seller, it constitutes a legal offer to purchase products or services. If the supplier accepts the purchase order, this process creates a contract between the government and the supplier. As a result, a contract is legally present upon acceptance of the ORDER. If the products were purchased directly from Icom America, please contact the government customer service team at (425) 450-6090 or GovernmentSales@icomamerica.com. The State Procurement Department of the Department of General Services focuses on providing low-cost products and services through competitive, open and transparent procurement. Nationwide pricing and cooperation agreements are provided to government agencies for more than $6 billion spent each year. Purchases made with a funding card are included in the amounts reported on this website. The name of the seller associated with these payments is the banking institution that manages the supply card accounts, not the actual name of the company where the purchase was made.

These payments are displayed with the name of the provider FIA Card Services NA. A return number is required for all returns and all returned items must be in new condition. If the returned device is not in new condition, a minimum replenishment fee of 20% may be charged. As of October 2010, this website contained only data from the New Mexico state government. The information on this website comes from SHARE (Statewide Human Resources, Accounting, and Management Reporting System). Information from organizations that do not use SHARE is not available on this website, including certain authorities, boards, commissions, committees, universities and state fairs. New Mexico is a national leader in procurement through education, innovation, collaboration, collaboration and excellence in execution by our team. Purchase information was updated on November 8, 2018 and reflects order balances as of November 31, 2018.

October 2018. Due to the activity of the agency, balances can change to SHARE until the end of the month. Subsequent purchase activities published on SHARE after data generation will not be displayed on the portal until the following month, regardless of when the activity is dated. On this page you will find information about our contract. Here you will find supplier information, instructions for getting quotes or orders, warranty information, our return policy and much more! To receive a quote or place an order with an authorized Icom reseller, please contact the contact person listed under Authorized Resellers/Resellers. The State Purchasing Department of the Department of General Services strives to provide the best possible service to our customers. We set a high standard for professional behaviour and prompt response. In case you believe that we have exceeded your expectations or that we have not met our professional standard, please submit a customer satisfaction/complaint via email or click here to send us your feedback online.. .

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