Heavy-Duty Aussie-Made 6-Inch/150mm Rain Water Gauge For Your Garden

Have you ever wondered how much rain falls over your garden? It’s possible to measure it with LouRoss Technology’s easy-to-use, easy-to-install, heavy-duty rain gauge!

Designed for green thumbs and weather enthusiasts alike, the Outdoor Home Australian-made rain gauge will help you track the amount of rainfall that your area gets, with precision that rivals those fancy, expensive gadgets! Whether you’re a gardener, a farmer, or just someone who really likes discussing the weather with your neighbors, this handy tool will become your new best friend! 

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The History of Rain Gauges

Rain gauges have been a staple in meteorology since ancient times, and one of the first standardized instruments appeared in 1441. Since then, the tools have been widely used to track precipitation levels for gardening and agriculture, measure the climate, and monitor for natural disasters such as floods or droughts. 

The Outdoor Home or Outback Blue professional rain gauges are intended for similar purposes, allowing gardeners and farmers to determine whether their plants require watering. Because, as far as plants are concerned, they’ll always prefer moisture levels just right - just like Goldilocks! 

And hey, if you’re a climate enthusiast, this is a great tool for you to have too. Bringing up the weather in a conversation is one thing, but being able to tell your conversation partner the exact amount of rain that fell overnight? That’s impressive!

Built to Last

You’d expect a tool like this to be complicated to set up, but it’s actually really easy to assemble. It even comes with the necessary mounting brackets and hardware.

As for the gauge itself, it’s made from high-quality polycarbonate plastic that is resistant to cracks, yellowing, and clouding. This material is also frost-hardy and sun-hardy, allowing it to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. LouRoss Technology notes that it may become damaged in extreme, prolonged freezing conditions, but to be fair, not a lot of things can survive a really bad deep freeze.

The Easiest Rain Gauge to Use

The product displays measurements in both the imperial and metric scales, and because it is an analog gauge, it does not require calibration or adjustments to provide an accurate reading. Its wide-mouth design allows for easy rainwater collection and storage, with a maximum capacity of 150 mm or 6 inches. If the gauge needs to be emptied at any point, you can simply remove it from the mounting bracket and pour the water out. Heck, you can save the rain you’ve collected for a drier day and water your plants with it! (Pro tip: tropical houseplants, especially the finicky ones like calatheas and begonias, really love rainwater.).

One satisfied customer wrote, “This is an awesome rain gauge. I installed it today before the first rains hit. It was very easy to assemble. It is raining now, and I just saw that I have 3/4 inches of rain. Inches are shown on the left, and metric measurements are shown on the right. I can also just slide the rain gauge off the bracket and put it away during the summer, since we have no rain during that time. Great product.”

Nothing will ever rain on your parade again once you have one of LouRoss Technology’s rain gauges. Get your own today!

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