Best quality rain gauge 2024

The Outdoor Home 6" rain gauge has been awarded the honor of 'Best Quality' rain gauge 2024 by Garden Gate Magazine.

Here's what they had to say: "It is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic that won’t crack, go yellow or get cloudy from long-term exposure to the elements. The sturdy Aussie-made construction ensures these rain gauges will be enjoyed for many years to come. It is a manual wireless rain gauge which means it is easy to use, but it is also easy to manage—no fiddling or adjusting for accuracy. Just check the rain collected against the scale, record results, empty, and prepare for the next rainfall".

Our awesomely popular sturdy rain gauge is heat and frost resistant, fast to install and great for beginners or avid weather watchers to keep track of the rain.

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best rain gauge to accurately track every rain drop

If you're a gardener or farmer, your plants and crops aren't just your passion, they're likely your livelihood too! That's why you need to ensure that they are getting all the water that they require, and there's no better tool for doing this than the new Rain Gauge from Outback Blue!

The gauge provides you with accurate rainfall measurements in both light showers and huge downpours. It also eliminates guesswork, allowing you to know exactly how much water your plants and crops are getting.

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The Outback Blue Rain Gauge’s simple design features a clear inner tube inside of a larger outer tube. Rainwater collects inside the inner tube until it reaches its capacity, at which point it starts to overflow into the outer tube. The total amount of rainfall is determined by adding up how many inches of water are in the device.

The rain gauge is capable of collecting and measuring a total of 11 inches or 280 millimetres of water in both tubes. It comes with an easy-to-install mounting bracket, so it can be set up on a wall, fence, door, or gutter. It is also made using high-grade UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic, so it won’t discolour in the sun or crack in frosty conditions.

By using the Outback Blue Rain Gauge you can get rainfall readings that are accurate to 1/100th of an inch. The gauge’s durability and versatility also allow for records to be kept over extended periods, so you can determine rainfall patterns and trends and incorporate them into your planning.

“We use several different rain gauges here in the Florida Keys but the Outback Blue Rain Gauge is by far our favorite,” said a satisfied customer. “We get strong winds and heavy downpours and this gauge handles the elements better than any we have ever owned. It's also very easy to install and incredibly clear to read. We highly recommend it.”

The Outback Blue Rain Gauge isn't limited to garden and farm use either. Meteorologists and weather trackers may find the gauge useful. It might also come in handy for those monitoring local stream, river, and lake levels, aiding them in determining whether or not flood alerts need to be issued and if emergency measures need to be implemented.

You can purchase the Outback Blue Rain Gauge directly from their website or by visiting their Amazon store.

Outback Blue is an industry leader in gardening and weather management tools and accessories. The company is based in Australia; however, they ship their products worldwide.

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Christmas garden gift ideas

Feeling challenged about what to give this Christmas as a gift for someone who loves gardening?

Give the gift of a rain gauge!

  • It's a unique gift.
  • A gift that is well received and shows you have put a lot of thought in choosing a gift.
  • It's the perfect helper in the garden to save water and energy bills.
  • It's a gift that will bring years of enjoyment.
  • It's a great gift for the person in your life who already has everything they need!

You can choose from two rain gauges in our range:

The ultimate professional choice rain gauge: Outback Blue Rain Gauge with a large 11 inch/280mm collection capacity.

You can learn more about the rain gauge here.

Outback Blue rain gauge Recording the rainfall

The very popular backyard rain gauge: Outdoor Home Rain Gauge with a 6 inch/150mm collection capacity

You can learn more about the rain gauge here

Fence Rain GAuge

A fence mounted rain gauge is a good option when choosing a rain gauge.

It means you have the flexibility to locate the rain gauge in a position protected from the prevailing weather. To do this simply install the rain gauge behind the post instead of in front of the post where it would be exposed to the wind.

Select a fence or post in an area clear of tall trees or buildings to ensure you get accurate results when measuring the rainfall collected.

Make sure you mount the rain gauge so it sits higher than the post or fence rail if possible, this will avoid any splash back into the rain gauge and thereby skewing the result.

The Outback Blue rain gauge or the Outdoor Home rain gauge include a fence mounting kit complete with screws.

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The Secret To A Sturdy Rain Gauge

If you're tired spending your money on a rain gauge, only to find it cracks, splits or goes cloudy in a short time? There is a solution and you're going to love it.

You're probably thinking rain gauges are all made of plastic and resign yourself to the fact that they don't last very long when exposed to the elements.

Yes, you are right. However, not all plastic rain gauges are equal. Plastic is plastic so how can a plastic rain gauge be different?

The secret is in the TYPE of plastic materials used to make the rain gauge.

Living in Australia our climate is pretty harsh, with strong sun and a high UV index to boot. These tough climatic conditions play havoc with some plastics. That's why most Aussie plastic furniture, pot plant tubs and other outdoor items like rain gauges deteriorate fast in the sun, they go powdery, crack making them look tired and ugly. It's so disappointing when this happens.

Our Aussie based company has done years of research and testing to come up with the BEST rain gauges for durability and reliability, so you don't have to keep wasting your money on another disappointing rain gauge.


Introducing the highly rated Outdoor Home Heavy Duty Rain Gauge. This sturdy rain gauge is a post mount garden rain gauge with a 6 inch rain fall collection capacity which is more than enough capacity for most rain fall volumes.

The secret to this tough rain gauge is as I mentioned earlier in the plastic... Can you guess the type of plastic we use?

This ever popular rain gauge is crack-proof and doesn't show discolorations from long periods of exposure to the elements

Apart from using this rain gauge for fun weather recording or professional activities, it's a great gift idea for your avid gardener and greenhouse friends.


Outback Blue Large Capacity Rain Gauge.

This tough rain gauge is a post mount professional style gauge with a huge 11 inch collection capacity. This style of rain gauge is what some weather monitoring organisations use to record the rainfall.

This beauty has an inner and outer collection tubes and will collect small sprinkles of rain or monsoonal type downpours.

This rain gauge is tough and looks just like new even after years in harsh sunlight.

So there you have it! Two tough, reliable rain gauges that will get the job

done giving you years of enjoyment. Both made in Australia using high quality plastic. Have you guessed the type of plastic yet?


The secret plastic a quality rain gauge has that keeps it not only looking great and prevents it from cracking or discolouring is - POLYCARBONATE PLASTIC

You can purchase our rain gauges on Amazon here:

Outdoor Home rain gauge

Outback Blue rain gauge

Alternatively if you live in Australia:

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Where To Place A Rain Gauge


For an accurate reading, choose an area that is open to install your Outback Blue Rain Gauge. 

Keeping your rain gauge away from tall trees, big shrubs and buildings will ensure there is no obstructions to the rain collection capacity, ensuring greater accuracy.  It is ideal to place the rain gauge at least twice as far away as the height of the nearest tree or building.


Inaccurate readings in the rain gauge can be influenced by strong wind by as much as 20%!  The force of the wind can drive the rainfall against the rain gauge instead of filling it.  We suggest placing the rain gauge near low bushes, fences and low structures to act as a buffer to strong wind.


Take the measurement from the rain gauge at the same time each day. Record the rainfall and empty the rain gauge completely to begin collecting rain for the next 24 hour period.  We suggest taking the reading in the morning, if it is emptied later in the day evaporation may contribute to an inaccurate reading.


Installing a pair of Outback Blue Rain Gauges at least 6 meters apart will give a higher degree of accuracy in measuring the rainfall.  Having a pair of rain gauges means an average can be taken from them, thereby avoiding inaccurate readings due to strong wind or other factors.

What Rain Gauge To Choose

For some people knowing how much rain fell in the backyard is just a matter of curiosity.

For others, it is essential for their day to day lives.

Regardless if you are a backyard weather watcher, or someone whose livelihood is based on rainfall, there is a rain gauge out

there for you to measure the rainfall just like the professionals do!

Key Factors To Consider

What is it going to be used for - home garden, commercial enterprise, farming, education.

Form or Function - Is the rain gauge purely to collect vital rain fall data,       

an added decoration to the garden or somewhere in between.

The intended location - Is the rain gauge to be placed in the ground, on a fence or in a garden bed.

Climate - Do you live in a tropical area that receives monsoonal or heavy seasonal rain fall or a dry arid hot climate. 

Exposure to harsh weather conditions can greatly affect the longevity of a rain gauge.

Budget - Prices vary in range from a low $4.00 up to $100’s of dollars.  The price will also usually reflect the quality of the product. 

If you are wanting a durable, sturdy product then you would also need to make sure the materials used to make the rain gauge are of a high standard.

Once you are clear on the factors that will suit your needs, it’s time to figure which rain gauge will be best for you.

Different types of rain gauges

There are two main types of rain gauges - manual and electronic.

Manual (analogue) rain gauges require you to check the rainfall collected in the gauge to record and empty.

These rain gauges are easy to use, simple to install and set and forget until it rains.

Electronic wireless rain gauges automatically record the rain collected and some even have the ability to automatically empty.  

These rain gauges are a gadget mad, tech geeks dream!  The installation and set up can be quite complicated and calibration of the unit may also be required.

Now its time to see what options may be suitable for you in the following examples

  1. Home Gardeners rain gauge - this type of rain gauge could be either manual or electronic depending on your tech abilities!  The size of the rain gauge will be important to ensure it will be able to collect every drop of rain so you can effectively manage the plants and lawn in your garden. A six inch/150mm capacity or more rain gauge would be ideal and made of durable quality materials.  The OutdoorHome 6”/150mm capacity rain gauge is a very popular choice in this category ticking all the boxes and more!
  2. Garden bed decoration - If you have a pretty garden bed a decorative rain gauge on a stake could be added for effect.  These manual rain gauges usually have a smaller collection capacity and can be quite delicate. 
  3. Professional rain gauge for the farmer, gardener, horticulture, commercial industries or education - The most suitable rain gauge for this situation is usually a manual large capacity rain gauge, similar to what weather bureaus use. The collection capacity is usually 10 inches/250 mm or more and made of durable materials that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. The Outback Blue  11”/280mm capacity rain gauge fits this bill perfectly for keen weather watchers, farmers, schools and avid gardeners.