Win the ultimate in garden and weather tools

rain gauge and garden goodie pack giveaway

Get Ready to Win Big in Our Exciting Garden Giveaway! 🌱🌦️

Garden lovers, rejoice! We've got a treat that will make your green thumbs tingle with excitement. Introducing our Garden Enthusiast's Dream Giveaway, where we're not just offering you a rain gauge – oh no! We're taking things up a notch by adding fantastic goodies to help you make the most of your outdoor haven.

What's Up for Grabs? 🌧️🌡️🪴

Picture this: not one, but TWO top-notch rain gauges, an indoor/outdoor thermometer to keep you weather-savvy, a soil tester that'll turn you into a soil scientist, a hose nozzle for those refreshing watering sessions, and a pair of pruning shears to help your plants look their absolute best.

Did We Mention Entry Is Free? 🆓

Yes, you read that right! Your chance to score this incredible Rain Gauge & Garden Goodies Pack is absolutely free. We're all about spreading the love for all things green, and what better way than a no-cost entry?

Mark Your Calendars: September 13th 📅

Circle the date, folks! The giveaway closes on September 13th, and that's when the excitement reaches its peak. We'll be tallying up the points, and the one with the most accrued points will be crowned the Garden Guru.

Why the Party, You Ask? 🎉

We're not just throwing confetti for no reason. We're celebrating something big! Drumroll, please... the grand revamp of our webstores on Amazon for the Outback Blue and Outdoor Home rain gauges. It's like a fresh coat of paint on your favorite garden shed – everything just got a whole lot better, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

How to Join the Fun: 🎈

  1. Head over to our registration page here: CLICK HERE!
  2. Find the giveaway details – trust us, you won't miss them!
  3. Enter the giveaway – it's a breeze, we promise.
  4. Keep those fingers crossed until September 13th when we announce the grand winner.

So there you have it, folks – our Garden Enthusiast's Dream Giveaway is here, and the goodies are ready to find a new home. Get ready to elevate your gardening game with a little help from your friends at Outback Blue. Happy gardening and may the best green thumb win! 🌿🏆