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best rain gauge to accurately track every rain drop

If you're a gardener or farmer, your plants and crops aren't just your passion, they're likely your livelihood too! That's why you need to ensure that they are getting all the water that they require, and there's no better tool for doing this than the new Rain Gauge from Outback Blue!

The gauge provides you with accurate rainfall measurements in both light showers and huge downpours. It also eliminates guesswork, allowing you to know exactly how much water your plants and crops are getting.

Go here to view on Amazon:

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The Outback Blue Rain Gauge’s simple design features a clear inner tube inside of a larger outer tube. Rainwater collects inside the inner tube until it reaches its capacity, at which point it starts to overflow into the outer tube. The total amount of rainfall is determined by adding up how many inches of water are in the device.

The rain gauge is capable of collecting and measuring a total of 11 inches or 280 millimetres of water in both tubes. It comes with an easy-to-install mounting bracket, so it can be set up on a wall, fence, door, or gutter. It is also made using high-grade UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic, so it won’t discolour in the sun or crack in frosty conditions.

By using the Outback Blue Rain Gauge you can get rainfall readings that are accurate to 1/100th of an inch. The gauge’s durability and versatility also allow for records to be kept over extended periods, so you can determine rainfall patterns and trends and incorporate them into your planning.

“We use several different rain gauges here in the Florida Keys but the Outback Blue Rain Gauge is by far our favorite,” said a satisfied customer. “We get strong winds and heavy downpours and this gauge handles the elements better than any we have ever owned. It's also very easy to install and incredibly clear to read. We highly recommend it.”

The Outback Blue Rain Gauge isn't limited to garden and farm use either. Meteorologists and weather trackers may find the gauge useful. It might also come in handy for those monitoring local stream, river, and lake levels, aiding them in determining whether or not flood alerts need to be issued and if emergency measures need to be implemented.

You can purchase the Outback Blue Rain Gauge directly from their website or by visiting their Amazon store.

Outback Blue is an industry leader in gardening and weather management tools and accessories. The company is based in Australia; however, they ship their products worldwide.

Make sure your plants and crops are getting everything they need by visiting our store on Amazon here